1. @BLITZheartthrob — Entrant number: 16
2. @TheKevinHBrand — Entrant number: 3
3. @TweetPW — Entrant number: 17
4. @Ciano316 — Entrant number: 12
5. @JmarksPHD — Entrant number: 15
6. @Aaronv18 — Entrant number: 1
7. @itsME_DJon — Entrant number: 22
8. @AxlRottenECW — Entrant number: 23
9. @nerdondemand — Entrant number: 25
10. @DanBWilliams — Entrant number: 13
11. @WrestlingVoice — Entrant number: 29
12. @Capt_Hawkeye — Entrant number: 6
13. @CreepingDeth82 — Entrant number: 5
14. @CenaLicious54 — Entrant number: 20
15. @CHUNKBOX — Entrant number: 2
16. @brendon_bryant — Entrant number: 14
17. @McMahon101 — Entrant number: 18
18. @TChaositself — Entrant number: 11
19. @gerdingryan — Entrant number: 10
20. @MauriceWWE — Entrant number: 30
21. @RyanTaylorGirl — Entrant number: 21
22. @WWE_TNA_CRITIC — Entrant number: 8
23. @RingsideRants — Entrant number: 27
24. @InsaneWWEfan — Entrant number: 19
25. @WrestleAxxess — Entrant number: 4
26. @SaintStoney — Entrant number: 24
27. @cmuskie118 — Entrant number: 28
28. @IAmStephenReid — Entrant number: 9
29. @wasimperviz — Entrant number: 26
30. @Wrestling_Talk — Entrant number: 7


1. @BLITZheartthrob
2. @TheKevinHBrand
3. @TweetPW
4. @Ciano316
5. @JmarksPHD
6. @Aaronv18
7. @itsME_DJon
8. @AxlRottenECW
9. @nerdondemand
10. @DanBWilliams
11. @WrestlingVoice
12. @Capt_Hawkeye
13. @CreepingDeth82
14. @CenaLicious54
16. @brendon_bryant
17. @McMahon101
18. @TChaositself
19. @gerdingryan
20. @MauriceWWE
21. @RyanTaylorGirl
23. @RingsideRants
24. @InsaneWWEfan
25. @WrestleAxxess
26. @SaintStoney
27. @cmuskie118
28. @IAmStephenReid
29. @wasimperviz
30. @Wrestling_Talk

Here we have the 30 entrants in the #TweetPWRoyalRumble

The draw will be done and will be posted on our Facebook at facebook.com/TweetPW

ZACK RYDER was slowly fading away on the WWE roster with the only apperances he made being on the undercard show Superstars but did was this going to stop Zack Ryder from being noticed, was Zack ryder going to let WWE just fade him out and let him go un-used….


Zack took to YouTube where he started his own web show called Z True Long Island Story, the show now has over 2 million views on YouTube and is growing. The Long Island native said he received a Flip video camera from his parents and started to make his show. He now has 37277 subscribers and there has only been 17 episodes of the show so far. He has what you would call his own cast with his John Morrison loving dad, his trainer The Big O and appearences from WWE’s Scott Stanford all coming together to make a very interesting and funny show.

This week’s episode of RAW took place in Zack’s hometown of Long Island and Zack’s Zack Pack were calling for there leader to make a well deserved appearence on the show but what did they get?? A report of Zack Ryder being used on Superstars once again and no sign of the hometown hero on the big show RAW. The twitter world was buzzing with the disapointment of Zack not being used. As he said himself its #RyderOrRiot so as a Zack ryder fan I decided to write this piece to share with the followers of TweetPW, I would like to admit I was not always a fan of Zack ryder but to go out of his way and not give up on himself like the WWE was beginning too (No offence Zack) he started his show on YouTube and he is now bigger than ever. He deserves his shot as nobody has done what he has done so I think it is time we see a bigger demand for Zack Ryder and hopefully its time for his well deserved push so in his word……………………………


Let WWE know how you feel tweet them @WWE and @WWEUniverse, Time to RYDER OR RIOT!!

Michelle McCool will be leaving the WWE this Sunday. She will face Layla in a loser leaves WWE match.

If you are wondering about TNA’s Big Surprise on 3-3-11 it has been revealed at the IMPACT Tapings that Steve ‘Sting’ Borden returns to the company and defeats Jeff Hardy to win the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Booker T & Kevin Nash are to be two surprise entrants in the Royal Rumble tomorrow night. These two are reportedly booked and will be two of the 40 Entrants in the Royal Rumble match. Beth Phoenix will probably be another.

On this weeks Smackdown Wade Barrett’s new faction with Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater was officially named as ‘The Core’