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Who & When?

These are the two big questions when it comes to Undertakers streak, we all know the streak has to end at WrestleMania but what year will it be and who will get the PRIVILEGE and rub from Taker if it does happen. I’m going to give my picks for who I think could end the streak and why??

John Cena

Anybody who has followed my twitter over the last couple of years knows I am not a Cena fan but if the WWE want to keep the illusion that Undertaker could possibly be beaten and the streak could end it needs somebody viable to get the job done. It doesn’t take even the most casual WWE fan to realize that John Cena is a megastar in the world of pro-wrestling so if you have Undertaker face off at WrestleMania against him it would be believable that he could beat the Undertaker 1-2-3. If you wanted to address the idea of the John Cena heel turn this could be a way to do it as well, Cena cheating to end the streak would draw mega heat in my opinion BUT it is also my opinion that the Cena heel turn will never happen.


I know Kane vs. Undertaker has happened at WrestleMania multiple times but I would still enjoy a final Brother vs. Brother match at WrestleMania with Undertaker as the face and Kane as a heel. Kane has returned heel and wants to know why Undertaker wasn’t around to help him against the Wyatt’s then saying he wants Undertaker to pay and by pay he means his career & streak to be over, possibly having the two in a career vs. career match. WWE could have a really dark build to this which could be excellent with Kane in his original mask and ring wear attacking people in the ring during matches looking like a believable threat to the streak. It ends with Kane coming out as the winner over his brother with a tombstone .

Bray Wyatt

I mentioned at the beginning of this post Undertaker could possibly want to give somebody new a rub to get them over so why not the eater of worlds? He has the potential to be another evil megastar in the WWE . He has great mic & promo skills like Undertaker which would lead to a great build and they could use the Kane abduction storyline as background to why Undertaker wants to face Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt looking like another victim to the Undertaker when the abducted Kane turns on the Undertaker tombstones him and Bray gets the pin and ends the streak. Now that would leave a stunned WrestleMania crowd.

Brock Lesnar

LESNAR IS A BEAST!! He has the presence and strength to beat the Undertaker down at WrestleMania and could be another viable threat to the streak. The reason behind the match has a couple of routes, it could be from the Undertaker & Brock confrontation at UFC 121 or it could be from the already rumored idea that Paul Heyman wants another shot at the streak because CM Punk couldn’t get the job done. He chooses Lesnar to get it done and Lesnar is successful beating the Undertaker so badly that instead of walking from the ring the druids appear and carry him in a casket to the back signalling the end of the Undertaker.

These are my picks to end the greatest streak is wrestling history…….


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